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Crane Construction

Harness Data, Elevate Decisions

We deliver financial data - not just reports

Our product automates the traditional financial statement 

Explore innovative approaches to forecasting

Dive into the details or take a bird's-eye view

Profite View - Automated Financial Report

Our Data Philosophy

We believe financial reporting should be straightforward and affordable. Our solutions leverage M365 tools, already in use by many companies, ensuring our products are both easy to integrate and a wise investment.


1.  Introductions and Information Meeting

In our initial session, we'll take the opportunity to learn about each other and introduce our products. We'll explore your company’s operations, the challenges you face, and assess how well our solutions align with your needs.

2.  Action Plan Meeting

Should you choose to proceed, our subsequent meeting will serve as the project kickoff. We will present a comprehensive action plan, establish clear deliverables, and set precise expectations for our implementation process.

3.  Implementation

Over the course of 4 to 6 weeks, our team will diligently install our product. You'll receive weekly updates, ensuring you're well-informed and engaged throughout the process.







It's important to us that you stay informed.  That is why we always implement a communication plan that includes detailed project plan, measurable progress updates, and itemized risks and roadblocks.


We prioritize keeping you well-informed. Our communication strategy includes a detailed project plan, regular updates on measurable progress, and a clear outline of potential risks and obstacles.


Our reputation hinges on the precision of our deliverables. To ensure this, we have meticulously crafted tools and processes that rigorously validate each element from inception to completion.


We recognize that our success hinges on effective cross-functional collaboration. Leveraging our expertise, we emphasize the importance of synergy in driving critical business processes.

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