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FASTER in Excel

FASTER in Excel isn't just another add-in – it's a game-changer. Designed with simplicity, this add-in is effortless to install, ensuring you're up and running quickly.

What sets this add-in apart is its intuitive ability to highlight cells and apply customized logic to values within selected ranges. Whether you're controlling formatting, splitting data, or sorting information, this empowers you to execute complex actions efficiently.

But the innovation doesn't stop there. With the our add-in, your feedback is crucial. Have a specific functionality in mind? Your input is invaluable. Send us your request, and our team will work tirelessly to incorporate it into future updates, ensuring our product evolves alongside your needs.

FASTER in Excel equips you with a comprehensive toolkit to streamline your Excel workflow, from formatting and concatenating to trimming and freezing cell ranges. Experience efficiency and precision like never before with FASTER in Excel – your ultimate Excel companion.

FASTER in Excel - Automation Tool

Quickly combine cell values

As a developer or data analyst, it is often essential to amalgamate cell value data. Our add-in streamlines this process by allowing you to select the desired cells and seamlessly concatenate them with minimal effort.

FIE - concatenate.png
FIE - format cells.png

Easily format Excel content for Email

Occasionally, it may be necessary to paste Excel data into an email. To facilitate this, you can utilize our specialized formatting tool. Simply select the desired range of data, and employ our add-in to efficiently prepare your data for email transmission.

Easily parse out characters in cell value

There are instances when extracting specific values from a cell is necessary. This add-in allows you to easily highlight the cells and specify the starting position and length of the characters you want to extract.

FIE - isolate character.png
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